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Travelling with pets

Going somewhere? Whether you're travelling locally, interstate or overseas with your pet, Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital can help.

Travel sickness

Travelling with pets isn't always as easy as it sounds. Just like some people, animals can also suffer from travel sickness. If nausea on the road affects your pet, a non-drowsy medication is now available that can really help. Give us a call to learn more. Cerenia  non sedating travel sickness medication. 

Domestic air travel

Domestic air travel with animals requires advance planning. Puppies and kittens under 12 weeks of age require a statement from a veterinarian declaring they are fit to travel. Animals under 8 weeks of age are not permitted to travel by air.

Your pet should be microchipped, tagged and vaccinated. Feed your pet 6-8 hours prior to departure to minimise the need for them to toilet during the flight. Put familiar bedding in their travel crate with them to ease anxiety. Very anxious animals may require sedation prior to travel. This can only be prescribed by a veterinarian, after a full physical examination.

Remember to source a couple of good vets at your destination before you leave in case your pet needs assistance at the other end.

If you intend taking your dog to Tasmania there are some additional requirements that require consultation with your veterinarian.

Please contact Dr Cameron Rain further advice.

International air travel

Travelling overseas with your pet requires planning well in advance,and consultation with the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service(AQIS).

Things to take into account include vaccinations, mandatory quarantine in the country you are travelling to and whether you intend to bring your pet back to Australia – which will involve further quarantine time.

Dr Cameron Rain is accredited with the AQIS and can assist you with certifying your pet for travel. Seeking advice as soon as you decide to travel with your pet is essential.


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