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May 16, 2017

Puppy Proof the Home

Okay before your blood pressure goes through the roof, let’s discuss the inevitable.

Puppies learn by investigation, they will sniff, scratch and chew things. So let’s just accept there are going to be a few casualties.  Yep… the favourite pair of shoes might get chewed if left out.  It is not the puppy’s fault …. Puppy Preschool

The house is full of potential hazards.  So have a hard look around the home and yard.

  • Is the yard secure?
  • Any puppy sized holes a puppy can escape from?
  • Any hazards they can trip,  fall  cut themselves on?
  • Is the shed secure? No access to fertilizers, plant poisons, rat baits or snail baits.
  • Have a look round the house?

It might be useful to allow limited access to particular rooms if you don’t want anything chewed.

Look for those hazards like baby proofing the house. No electrical cables to chew, no small objects lying around that might be tempting to swallow. The kitchen/laundry cupboards and litter bins are secure.

A word of warning. Older family members can clean up after themselves but your toddlers may not. Watch the baby bottle teats and socks lying around. They are particularly tasty. If they get stuck, it’s major puppy surgery!

Puppy Preschool

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