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Dec 06, 2018

Prepare for Christmas

Preparing Your Pet for Holiday Travel Checklist

Packed up the van, the kids and the pets and you are on the road for a great Summer break.

It’s difficult to remember everything you need to get done. Here’s a checklist for getting your pet ready for going on holiday a breeze!

      Are vaccinations up to date?

  • Make sure your pet is protected against infectious disease. Whether you are on the road or your pet is boarding,  they are at risk of getting infections.

      Flea and tick prevention?

  • Make sure you’ve brought along flea and tick prevention for your pet, especially if you’re travelling to areas with bushland or further north than Melbourne. Even better, if you have a dog give them a Bravecto chew in now, and they’ll be protected for a full 3 months!
  • Do not use dog products on cats.

      Heartworm prevention

  • We advise an annual injection so you don’t forget.  Make sure this is up to date.

      Intestinal wormer

  • Has your pet had a worm tablet in the last 3 months?


  • If your pet on medication, don’t forget to make sure you have enough to last while you’re away.
  •  If your pet gets anxious or car sick, you may want to ask your vet for some medications to help with this as well.

      Make sure your microchip and ID tags are up to date

      Food and water bowls

      A photo

  • Just in case they do get lost and you need to ask people if they’ve seen them

      Keep them occupied with toys

  • Tennis balls, Kongs, or other toys can be useful for keeping your pet entertained on holiday.

      Clean up bags

      A pet carrier or pet seat belts

  • Avoid the distraction. Some seem to think that a great time to ask for attention is while you’re driving!

      Pet food

  • No one wants to deal with upset tummies. Keep to the same food  

      Pet bed

  • Many pets cope with travel better if they can bring something familiar


If you are travelling by car do not leave your pets in the car unattended! It does not have to be that hot for tragedy to occur.


Most of all have a brilliant time!


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