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Jul 17, 2014

Osteoarthritis Winter Alert from Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital

Arthritis: Winter is truly upon us and with the cold snap it's not just us humans that feel the cold. The last few weeks have been blustery. I think we might have been spoiled by the fact that we enjoyed such a lovely Autumn.

"She just can't manage long walks anymore, he's a little stiff in in the morning, we just think she is getting older, Puss is just slowing down with age" Truth be told your cat could be suffering silently.

OA is a degenerative joint disease that results in the inability of cartilage and joint fluid to effectively cushion and lubricate the joint during movement. The cartilage becomes stiff and brittle and eventually begins to crack and chip off. This causes long-term pain and lameness.

The signs of Osteoarthritis are varied. Maybe you have noticed that your pet is having difficulty getting up out of bed, is reluctant to exercise or is struggling more while climbing stairs. If your pet is obviously limping then they have a problem.

Cats are a little challenging as they often lead less athletic lives

  • Cats rarely cry with OA pain! But they do feel it. 
  • Often it's the pain that contributes to a grumpy cattitude, poor appetite and lethargy. 
  • Have a look at how your cat moves.  
  • Cats should be able to jump freely. 
  • If cats are using shelves, steps and chairs to assist climbing or getting down from small heights chances are they have some mobility issues.

The good news! Arthritis can be managed most often with anti-arthritic/pain relief medication, joint supplements and diets that help support joint health. Together with the help of Hampton Park Vets we can ensure your cats and dogs age in comfort. Make an appointment today to keep them comfortable. 


At Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital, our experienced vets and qualified, caring nursing staff will care for your loved pet as if it were our own. Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital is centrally in South East Melbourrne servicing Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Narre Warren , Narre Warren South, Hallam Dandenong, Cranbourne and Hampton Park

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