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Jun 19, 2019

Brave Pet of the Month

Regal pic 2.png

Regal is an 11 year old Staffie Cross who has been a regular at Hampton Park Vets for many years. A loyal pet who has taken to being a great family dog the arrival the owners’ first child.

Recently, his owners noticed a lump on Regal’s back leg. They were pretty sure it was not there a few days before.

A fine needle aspirate was analysed. That’s a procedure whereby some cells are sampled from the lump with a needle and syringe and then analysed under the microscope. There and then, we were able to make the decision to take the lump away. The results looked a little suspicious.

The surgery went well and the lump was removed. The size and the position of the lump meant the surgery site could not be completely closed, leaving a substantial open wound. Regal required regular dressing changes while his wound healed. There lies the challenge! As much we love Regal, he doesn't love us nearly as much.

With some instruction and support, his owners learnt to change his bandage dressings regularly at home. Regal was comfortable and did not require frequent sedation. A win-win. It’s amazing how the body heals. Vigilance is the key. Regal’s owners picked up the lump quickly and sought advice urgently.

The take home message…Always get lumps checked out promptly. Just by looking or feeling a lump no one can determine if it’s cancerous or not.

The good news is that Regal’s lump was completely removed. He is having a regular examinations to ensure no other lumps appear and he is getting to love us a little bit more.

Regal get’s the Brave Pet of the Month Award but, best supporting role has to go to his owners.

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