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Hampton Park Vet Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

I have a 3 questions for you…….


Do you have car insurance? (77% of Aussies do!)

Do you have House and Contents Insurance? (65% of Aussies do!)

Do you have Health Insurance? (54% of Aussies do!)     pet insurance


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then chances are you have taken insurance to protect yourself against unknown (and hopefully unlikely) events.


(If you are part of the 9% of Aussies who have NO INSURANCE then feel free to delete this email and move on!).


Insuring our pets is no different.


Whether you have invested a lot of time, effort and money into finding the perfect purebred or have the most valuable family member that came free to a good home you want to protect them by insuring they have access to the best possible treatment and medicine.


And the reality is we don't have a public hospital service for pets, the government doesn’t contribute to their health care nor offset the true cost of many medical procedures we as humans are so lucky to have (although I do remember a time when you would smuggle pets into hospitals for MRIs or CT scans!!).


The most challenging part of my job as a Vet is being confronted with discussing treatment decisions with pet owners, who unfortunately have been blindsided by the “unknown” and “unlikely” and the costs associated with providing the best possible care of their loved one.

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Sadly, these can often be a life and death decisions.


Whilst we cannot remove the worry from having a sick pet, pet insurance can take the financial worry from ensuring they get the best possible care.


BUT THERE IS A CATCH….. you will need to complete an Application Form.


And, sadly when tending to a sick pet we hear from their owner that they have been “meaning to finish filling in the form”. It is the “should do” that seems to find its way to the backburner!


SO….. Hampton Park Veterinary Hospital would like to help you.


For puppies and kittens under 12 months old  we can supply you with a 4 week Pet Insurance Covernote.

This means that your pet will be covered for a period of 4 weeks, allowing you to complete the application form.


To take advantage of this offer your puppy must have been seen by one of our Vets (book your complimentary puppy health assessment now) or if you missed out on that offer you can get a cover note at vaccination, desexing or heart worm injection visits.


Don’t delay. Call today to protect your pet and peace of mind 97028811.

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