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Apr 05, 2017

The Facts on the Birds and Bees/Rabbits


The Facts on the Birds and Bees/Rabbit

Rabbits are social beings and live happier, more fulfilled lives with a mate, but beware…

Male rabbits (bucks) mature often by 4 months old.

Female (does) rabbits generally mature from 4-6 months old.

Does do not have an obvious defined heat period but cycle in waves or 7-10 days.

Pregnancy is short, 31 days on average.

It does not take long before your rabbit population expands very quickly.

It is advisable to desex both sexes.

Both sexes can urine spray. Imagine patting your rabbit that smells like wee all the time. Pheww! Desexing reduces urine spraying.

Rabbits may be social but, they often can be very territorial, prone to fighting and can inflict severe wounds upon each other. Desexing reduces territorial behavior

Does, are at very high risk later in life of getting womb cancer and womb infection.  Desexing prevents this.

Protect your pet’s health and happiness and get them desexed.  It’s a day time stay  with us in the hospital. 

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