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Jul 22, 2016

Cats in Heat


Is your normally quiet female cat suddenly yowling all night, keeping the whole household awake? Is your independent lady suddenly wanting nothing but cuddles all day? Maybe you’ve noticed there’s lots of other cats hanging out in your backyard that you’ve never seen before?

One of the first things we ask when owners bring in their cats with complaints about behavioural problems is whether they have been desexed or not. Female cats come into heat (have their period) for the first time around 6-7 months of age, if they haven’t been desexed by then.  While in heat they may become more affectionate than normal, and may particularly like being rubbed on their lower back. They may be restless, particularly at night.  They often come to see us because they’ve been keeping everyone awake with their screaming and yowling! They are more likely to roam if they have outdoor access, and often all the Tom cats in the neighbourhood will take up residence nearby.

And this is before we start looking at the risks of getting pregnant, or the health problems associated with not being desexed, such as potentially fatal breast cancer.

This behaviour will occur every time your cat comes into heat. Luckily, getting them desexed stops this behaviour! It also reduces the risk of them getting diseases such as breast cancer – the risk is lowest if they’re desexed before they come into their first heat, but even if they’ve already been in heat before the chances of disease are still lower.

Give us a call to find out more about getting your pet desexed!

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